Outmoded industrial-age thinking and legacy socio-economic systems will not unlock our highest collective potentials to accelerate and support the major civilizational leap humanity needs to make if we are to re-balance our relationship with the planet and ourselves, to survive and thrive far beyond this century, on Earth, out into our solar system and then onward to other star systems. 

How might we transform the ways in which the world invests its financial resources in order to sustainably and systemically generate and expand value from our assets & interconnected and interdependent “capitals” such as our time, talent, imagination, technology, built and natural environments, to continually unleash the best of our selves & systems for whole progress & thrive-ability?

Might one of the new networked collaborative enabling “vehicles” or “platforms” helping to answer this question be the “Earth Family Office” – a “Chief Investment Office of Humanity” with a living systems approach that builds on & extends the great work already being done to facilitate sustainable inclusive impactful investment for systemic health & prosperity everywhere?

This is a holding page for this new collaborative global project. Watch this space. For more information please reach out to EarthFamilyOffice@gmail.com

The website for this project will be at EarthFamilyOffice.com