Arete University (AU)

The role of education as a transformative power has often been downplayed and portrayed as a vehicle driven by the needs of national governments and regional economies. However, education holds the potential to be much more: Not only does it serve the current and emerging societal demands but it can also become a method for the transformation of our society. Education can be an avenue both for what will be needed in the future in terms of skills and knowledge and for what can be enabled through those skills and knowledge becoming widespread within the global population. As an enabler of such transformation, education can become a ‘cradle’ for new civilizational models, a ‘sandbox’ where new ways of living, working, playing and creating are collectively tested and distributed. This is what systemic innovation applied to the domain of education is all about. – Systemic Innovation, Education and the Social Impact of the Systems Sciences” – Laszlo, Luksha, Karabeg 2017

Inspired by an Ancient Greek ideal, and similar notions expressed by different cultures over the course of human history, synonymous with excellence, virtue and valour, and being all we can be, especially in service of something larger than any one of us, and the Latin roots of the word University “universitas” meaning the whole, plans for a bold new inclusive global university are being developed to dramatically accelerate progress toward realising humanity’s highest potentials.

AU (by an apt coincidence the abbreviation for Arete University is also the chemical symbol for Gold) will take a whole-person, whole-systems, whole-of-life, whole-value approach such that individually and collectively there exist the environments, frameworks, platforms, tools, processes, finance and other resources to enable all to explore, discover, develop and deploy the best of what we are capable of, for the widest benefit. AU aspires to create “Golden Innovations” which are “meta” systemic innovations that are intended to benefit at least a Billion lives.

The university will work collaboratively across all sectors of society with all forms of human, artificial and natural intelligence, capital, value and tools/technologies that are meaningful to the enabling, supporting and advancing of all the knowledge, talents, skills, capacities and character qualities needed for the transformative systemic innovation that must accelerate in the 2020s, and continue far beyond, if we are to realise a world that works for all, for the longest time that humanity can exist and evolve and thrive, on Earth and on other planets.

There will be a “GEDI” (Global Education Design & Implementation) Steering Group with representatives from right across the global stakeholder spectrum, providing local, regional and global guidance, stewardship and support to do justice to the vast treasure trove of collective potential that can and must be unlocked for the highest and longest-lasting benefit of all life.

Exciting inspiring high-purpose campuses will be built or re-developed on every continent from 2020. The website will be at These campuses will be embedded in new kinds of “SPECIAL” Economic Zones providing Sustainable Prosperity Education, Creativity and Innovation for Advancing Life.

There will also be a complementary global network of digitally connected “satellite” mini-campuses in lesser populated areas that will include Virtual Reality facilities to enable students to virtually enter and participate at their nearest City campus, or indeed any other campus in the world, that is deemed the right fit by the student and faculty and other relevant parties that might, but not necessarily always, include the student’s closest family and friends.

Undergraduates, post-graduates, faculty, and external high-purpose “pre-competitive” collaborators from across private, public and civil society sectors will work on projects designed to produce the enabling environments, outputs and outcomes that continually contribute to planetary peace, progress and prosperity.

Measurements of success for these projects will go far beyond current GDP and traditional ROI metrics, that will build on and advance work already being done, to encompass a dynamic multi-capital holistic picture of value and wealth creation across all dimensions deemed locally, regionally and globally meaningful to realising our highest (re)generative potentials and possibilities.

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