About Us

Synergetic multi-capital tools, training and collaborative partner and intermediary services for organisations, communities and individuals, cities, countries and regions around the world to have a “whole wealth” view and balanced scorecard of their investments across all forms of capital that are meaningful to them, and the returns and impacts generated for their given risk appetite and highest goals. Those already controlling significant wealth such as large corporates and institutions, NGOs and foundations, governments, private family offices, sophisticated, high and ultra-high net worth individuals, and more, can massively accelerate the transition to a world that works for all, by using such tools. 

Whole Wealth Group Ltd is a holistic investing and multi-capital consulting and development agency with a mission to protect and grow wealth systemically to benefit all. We help to expand the concept, creation, measurement and holistic flow of wealth, in both financial and non-financial terms, working collaboratively as part of a (re)generative global network to enable projects, ventures and organisations to deliver their best outcomes across multiple forms of capital.

We are driven by expanding prosperity and unlocking highest generative potentials everywhere.

The key principles, approach and tools of a “Whole Wealth” philosophy and praxis draw on a wide range of multi-capital work including Reporting 3.0, the International Integrated Reporting Council, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, The Future of Capital initiative, and many more, all helping to shift our paradigms and possibilities to accelerate progress toward a world that works for all.

Why do we use the term “Whole Wealth”?

Our definitions of terms such as wealth, health, growth, happiness and success, influence our “stories and structures”, which influence and shape our patterns of thinking, perceiving, communicating, relating, doing and being, and what we believe is and isn’t possible for individual and collective prosperity.  

Wealth originated from “weal” and “wel”, and was associated with health, healing, happiness, a state of good fortune and well-being, before a narrower definition emerged based primarily on just money and saleable assets. In these volatile, fast-changing and fragmented times, we can and must recapture these deeper, wider, richer origins.

Wholewe are all whole parts of larger whole systems. From personal to planetary scale, taking a more holistic approach to the ways in which we go about identifying, defining, cultivating, measuring, growing and evolving all forms of value can only contribute to more meaningful, fulfilling, exhilarating lives. 

As a part of our mission, we facilitate private information flows for invitation-only capital-preserved high-profit Tier 1 trading programs for sophisticated clients, enabling them to put their resources to even more meaningful and impactful use.

We can be reached at Contact@WholeWealth.com

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