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Together Expanding the Concept, Creation & Flow of Wealth to Advance Humanity

Synergetic multi-capital tools and partner services for family offices and other investors around the world to have a “whole wealth” view and balanced scorecard of their investments across all the capitals that are meaningful to them, and the returns and impacts generated for their given risk appetite and highest goals. 

Whole Wealth Group Ltd (“WWG”) is an investing, consulting and educational collaborative enterprise with a mission to protect and grow wealth systemically. Thoughtfully blending our long and varied financial services, corporate, trans-disciplinary research and entrepreneurial experience, we help expand the concept, creation and flow of wealth globally, in both financial and non-financial terms, facilitating dealflow for projects, ventures and organisations to deliver their best outcomes across multiple forms of capital. We are also a member of a global alternative investment network, supported by a Netherlands-based Private Capital Trust. Together we focus on protecting capital (working with top-rated banks) while providing high-return opportunities. We enable sophisticated high and ultra-high net worth clients to access low-risk high-return private investment opportunities and alternative project funding, with a vision of expanding prosperity everywhere.

WWG works with leading systemic prosperity practitioners around the world such as Robin Lincoln Wood to help accelerate the transition to a world that works for all. Whole Wealth Group Managing Director Gavin Peacock is a former global finance operations VP at JP Morgan with over 25 years of financial services experience in a wide variety of risk and control functions for multiple banks across multiple asset classes and markets. Robin qualified as an economist and lawyer. He worked for global banks and IT companies, led a transformation consultancy privileged to count more than 100 corporations among its clients, including co-developing the first sustainable energy policy for the World Bank with 30 global experts, and initiated global consulting firm EY’s Accelerated Solutions Environments. The key principles, approach and tools of our Whole Wealth Investing philosophy and praxis are based on his multi-capitals work with Reporting 3.0, the International Integrated Reporting Council and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, among many others.

Why do we use the term “Whole Wealth”?

Our definitions of terms such as wealth, health, growth, happiness and success, influence our “stories and structures”, which influence and shape our patterns of thinking, perceiving, communicating, relating, doing and being, and what we believe is and isn’t possible for individual and collective prosperity.  

Wealth originated from “weal” and was associated with health, healing, happiness, a state of good fortune and well-being, before a narrower definition emerged based primarily on just money and saleable assets. In these volatile, fast-changing and fragmented times, we must recapture these deeper, wider, richer origins.

Wholewe are all whole parts of larger whole systems. From personal to planetary scale, taking a more holistic approach to the ways in which we go about identifying, defining, cultivating, measuring, growing and evolving all forms of value can only contribute to more meaningful, fulfilling, exhilarating lives. 

For example, we bring smart low-risk high-return products to our clients, for accelerated capital growth and high income generation, put to meaningful use:

WWG partners include authorised agents for capital-protected private financial products with attractive returns, made available by one or more Globally Systemically Important Banks. For the most recent annual list from the Financial Stability Board, from Nov2018, please see the link below: http://www.fsb.org/wp-content/uploads/P161118-1.pdf). One such product is a low-risk high-return protected private placement program launched in 2015 and provided through an associated company of a global top ten bank. The program:

  • Enables suitable sophisticated investors to receive protected profits significantly above typical investment products available in the market;
  • Minimum investment of EUR 101,000, rising to investments of EUR 50,000,000 and above;
  • Global bank guarantee for capital and profits;
  • Over 2,000 investors with more than EUR 300,000,000 currently invested;
  • Weekly intake, Monthly payouts and 100% track record of prompt payment;
  • Client Information Sheet (CIS) and Proof of Funds required during the due diligence process;
  • Capital is moved to the Bank´s associated member platform, after the investor receives their Bank Guarantee for Capital and Profits, where it remains in the account;
  • 12-month rolling contract, up to maximum end date of 2035;
  • 5-10% or more of the high returns received by investors are required to be put into program-approved humanitarian projects and other socially and environmentally responsible activities, after the client has received their full monthly profits for an agreed period of time;
  • Indicative profit table available on request;
  • Authorised agents and partners earn returns and fees based on the size and type of investments being made and the projects being executed, and their level of involvement. Like clients, authorised agents also put a percentage of their returns into program-approved humanitarian projects and other socially and environmentally responsible activities.

Appropriate evidence is provided during the two-way due diligence process to substantiate the high returns achieved through this product. These returns are the result of bank-leveraged trading profits from financial instruments such as Medium Term Notes, Bank Guarantees, CDs, energy, Gold and other precious commodities, and more, whereby the Bank uses its balance sheet size and strength and high credit rating to trade with enhanced credit lines that are multiple times the amount of cash received from new placements.

Other private placement (AAA-rated) bank trading programs don’t require funds to leave a client’s bank account and only require authorisation to be reserved for specific trading purposes. Minimum investment is one million USD or EUR. After the trading bank receives a Client Information Sheet and Proof of Funds, compliance is done by the bank and a contract is sent for client review and signature authorizing funds to be allocated to the specific Bank trading program. Client profits and agent commissions are paid monthly from an authorized paying agent of the program.

A bespoke certificate program, available from Summer 2019, offered through our regulated asset management partner, also provides capital-protected attractive returns, with a unique ISIN (International Security Identification Number) for each certificate, suitable for family offices and institutional investors in addition to sophisticated and high and ultra high net worth individuals.

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