About Us

Whole Wealth Group Ltd is a wealth creation agency and is a member of a global independent partner network for high value asset broking, finance, high-yield protected investments, funds, asset and wealth management, creative impact production services, economic development, and other innovative financial services, as needed, through strategic partners such as the Private Capital Trust & Investment Fund Foundation, Palantir Ventures, Roxburgh Group,  and Palantir Group.

Whether in relation to real estate (including special economic zones), precious metals, gems, art, films, bespoke investment products, and more, we are either actively broking deals or acting purely as an introducer, to ensure that the needs of each side are fulfilled. We earn fees for doing so, which will vary depending upon the size and type of deal being executed, and the level of our involvement.

What do we mean by “Whole Wealth”?

Our definitions of terms such as wealth, health, growth, happiness and success, influence our “stories and structures”, which influence and shape our patterns of thinking, perceiving, communicating, relating, doing and being, and what we believe is and isn’t possible for individual and collective prosperity.  

Wealth originated from “weal” and was associated with health, healing, happiness, a state of good fortune and well-being, before a narrower definition emerged based primarily on just money and saleable assets. In these volatile, fast and fragmented times, we must recapture these broader richer origins.

Wholewe are all whole parts of larger whole systems. From personal to planetary scale, taking a more holistic approach to the ways in which we go about identifying, defining, cultivating, measuring, growing and evolving all forms value can only contribute to more meaningful, fulfilling, exhilarating lives.   

Our mission is to protect and grow wealth holistically together by connecting the right people to the right opportunities, with a vision of expanding possibility and prosperity and unlocking highest potential everywhere.

“All of my movies are about one thing, which is the fact that the only prison you’re in is the prison of your mind, and if you decide to open the door and get out, you can, there’s nothing stopping you.” – George Lucas interview on SiriusXM Radio, March 2012.